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Elevate your FBA sales with our comprehensive warehousing and logistics expertise. At Fast FBA Prep Center UK, we meticulously handle, securely store, and swiftly dispatch your products, ensuring seamless fulfillment and a competitive edge.

Amazon FBA Prep Center Services:


·       Receiving and Inspection: Our team meticulously handles product reception, conducting an inspection of each unit for any damage. We ensure each product accurately matches the listing, adhering strictly to Amazon's standards. Our service includes checking for compliance with Amazon's rules, updating expiry dates, and categorizing products under Amazon's specific prep requirements.


·       FNSKU Labeling: For FNSKU labels, quality labels are used in accordance with Amazon's requirements, to ensure that the product will arrive in perfect condition.


·       Polybags (Small/Medium/Large): Includes mandatory suffocation warning labels.


·       Bubble wrap: Available in various sizes, ensuring product safety during transit


·       Product Bundling: The bundling service combines multiple units into packs, tailored to meet Amazon's packaging standards.


·       Case Processing: This service includes package handling, arranging products and securing them with fillers material for protection, sealing with quality adhesive tape, weighing, and measuring, attaching FBA labels, transport, and weight warnings.


·       Case Processing (Forward Only): We also offer a dedicated service for products that don't require handling and packaging. This service is ideal for parcels that are in transit in our warehouse.


·       Pallet Processing: We handle, label, and build pallets efficiently, ensuring your products are safely and securely transported to Amazon's fulfillment centers. Our process is designed for optimal efficiency and product protection.


·       Pallet Wrap Foiling: High-quality foil pallet wrapping, guaranteeing secure transportation.


·       New Boxes: Available in small, medium, and large sizes, necessary for damaged parcels or unique sizing needs.

·       Storage: If it helps or is necessary, your products can be safely stored.

Returns handling

Visual assessment incorporates checking, harm check, new FNSKU labeling

All units which don’t have an attractive state, are harmed, or were in utilize are utilized by the stockroom or sent to the dispatch benefit by the proprietor at their expense

Additional labels to FNSKU and pressing units to boxes arrange individually

Removal, standard size​

Returns Taking care of #2: Full Inspection

Full review incorporates opening unit bundle, tallying and checking pieces or parts interior bundle, switch on/off, etc based on clients’ needs