Our unique, flexible pricing model is designed to cater to Amazon sellers of all scales, from startups handling 0-100 units to established businesses managing 2001+ units monthly. Benefit from our tiered pricing structure that rewards higher volumes with more competitive rates, ensuring you get a personalized, budget-friendly service tailored to your specific business needs.

Each month, our dedicated team conducts a thorough analysis of your account, applying fees based on the achieved price bracket. This meticulous approach guarantees transparency and fairness in billing, aligning perfectly with your monthly throughput. By entrusting us with your FBA prep needs, you leverage our expertise in logistics and inventory management to streamline your Amazon operations, enhance efficiency, and boost profitability

*The cost for the bundles refers to packages of up to 3 units, more than this number will cost 0.09£ for each extra unit

Please choose the option that best represents your average monthly product shipments to FBA Amazon