Do not lose sales, choose to go fast!

We have a full range of warehouse and logistics services at one of the cheapest cost, to support your business.



• No setup cost
• No hidden fees
• No monthly fees

Quick response time and order processing

Fast is not just a name. We process orders as quickly as possible because any delay can lead to the loss of orders.

Quality services

In working with customers and especially in ecommerce, the quality of auxiliary services, goods sold, make the difference between a satisfied customer and a dissatisfied one. For satisfied customers and sustainability, choose our services.

Collaborates with the best distributors

The biggest distributors have the lowest prices, but they can't always follow the strict rulesimposed by amazon for delivery. Through our services we make this no longer a problem and you will not have to lower profits.

Stressless workflow

We make it easier for you. We have optimized the system of working with clients to the minimum level of involvement on their part.


Amazon FBA

NO Contracts | NO Hidden Fees

You can use for free our adress for returns from Amazon.

The prices are available for the customers who send in our warehouse a maximum of 1000 products per month.

The customers who send more than 1000 products per month, can contact us for new prices.

Services with prices per unit in £

  • Receiving and inspection0.20
  • FNSKU labeling0.10
  • Polybagging (small/medium/large)
  • (Included suffocation warnings labels)0.20/0.25/0.30
  • Bubble wrap – 0.30
  • Bundling0.40
  • Sticker removals – FREE
  • Create shipping plans through AMZFREE
  • Booking the courier to collect – FREE
  • Expiration check – FREE

All price include VAT

FBM (Fulfilment by merchant)


FBM means Fulfilled by Merchant. With FBM, the seller lists the product on Amazon, Ebay, Etsy or their own online store and handles storage and all aspects of order fulfillment. This works well unless you sell a lot of products.
You send us the order and we’ll print the labels, box and ship to the customer. You will need to provide the shipping label.

ONLY 2£ per UNIT
(all services necessary for processing one order)



New carton box, pallet – size:
£3 – small
£3.50 – medium
£4.3 – large
£9 – Amazon standard size pallet cost

Attach shipping label & FBA labels
Booking the pick-up order
Amazon Booking​

£5 – Pallet Processing
£0.30 – Case Processing
£4 – Wrapping foil & outside pallet



£0.35 – for one Cubic Foot Per Month
£12.35 – for one Cubic Meter Per Month
Minimum fee for one month is £12.35

storage for 14 days from the day the Amazon Shipment arrives at our warehouse for all of our clients

Following the 14 days we offer the fixed rate for inventory that will be stored in our warehouse.

Returns handling


You can use for free our adress for returns from Amazon

ONLY £1 – per unit (all services necessary for processing the return of a product)


Pre FBA (preparation before Fulfilment by Amazon)

• Receiving
• Inspection
• Sticker removals
• Expiration check
• FNSKU labeling
• Polybagging
• Suffocation Warning Labels
• Aditional Labeling(optional)
• Bundle or multipack (up to 2 items)
• Fragile/Bubble wrap
• Carton forwarding
• Create Shipping Plans through AMZ

FBM (Fulfilment by merchant)

• Completion and packaging
• Formation of sets (if necessary)
• Dispatch of the order day-to-day with an average delivery time of 3 day


• Carton & Pallet Forwarding
• Attach shipping label & FBA labels
• Booking the pick-up
• Prepare products in new boxes
• Fixing and securing the products in the box


It is very important that your products are stored in the best conditions. That is why we have created and separately the storage service that includes the storage of products in optimal conditions for a minimum cost calculate related to your needs.
Storage is a mandatory rate for Amazon Removal Order

Returns handling

• Visual assessment incorporates checking, harm check, new FNSKU labeling
• Additional labels to FNSKU and pressing units to boxes arrange individually
• All units which don’t have an attractive state, are harmed, or were in utilize are utilized by the stockroom or sent to the dispatch benefit by the proprietor at their expense
• (Removal, standard size)
• Returns Taking care of #2: Full Inspection
• Full review incorporates opening unit bundle, tallying and checking pieces or parts interior bundle, switch on/off, etc based on clients’ needs


We started with a small business based on online commerce. This makes no one know what you need better than us. Based on our experience in e-commerce I discovered this need in the b2b market, namely quality fulfillment services for all distribution channels based in online. The first huge leap and the first sales explosion I had one when I managed to use quality 3pl services. That is why the services we offer have been designed for online commerce businesses of different levels. Whether you are just starting out or have extensive experience and tailored stocks, our services are designed to meet the needs of all retailers and are optimized in terms of cost savings and efficiency.



To create the method of storage and item preparation services simple, effective, stress-free, and cost-effective.


Our success is materialized by your success in business. This makes us work on the common desire to create one of the largest fulfillment centers and to maintain the most cost-effective services for your business to scale continuously.


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